What is a Mooring of Love?

A love tie is a type of spell that, according to some magical and folkloric traditions, is capable of generating in the person receiving the ritual, feelings of love towards the person who performs it. Love spells are traditional in many Latin American and Caribbean cultures, where they are mixed with elements of voodoo and other local magical traditions. The existence of the effects of love spells as well as other forms of magic are discussed by modern science since they are not observed using the scientific method.

Since ancient times, witchcraft, spells, are a well-known practice for many purposes, such as recovering the couple who left home, recovering a relationship due to separation, either distance or by third parties, parents, enemies, envious, ex-partners, lovers, etc.

The moorings of love are divided into many classes and also in many forms of use, either to keep away those people who do not allow progress to a love relationship, to get enemies out of the way or to achieve eternal happiness next to the person. that is loved However, its real and essential purpose is to unite the person who does it with the loved one, making use of esotericism and occult sciences.

In a love spell, the promise is implied by the person who executes it, that once this magical spell has been made, nothing and no one will be able to separate him from the loved one. And we mean promise, since there are innumerable testimonies that a love spell is not always effective.

A mooring of love has as its particular objective to achieve the carnal and loving desire of the one who requests it. In almost all cases, the services of a specialist in esotericism and occult sciences are used. There are also cases where the person who wants to get the love spell decides to execute it directly with a free love spell guide that exists in libraries or web pages in this category.

Within a love mooring, you can basically distinguish the good and harmless side of white magic and the dark side better known as black love magic, which includes rituals and offerings to demons or voodoo praises of love with sacrifices of love. animals.

This practice of black magic or love witchcraft with black magic, in Africa reaches the point of taking human lives. Black albinos are killed to use their body parts in rituals. Children are hunted with machetes and, on the black market for witchcraft, a part of their limbs can cost 3,000 euros. All in the belief that possessing part of the body of a black albino can give more power to the witch to perform spells, ties and spells.

This practice of a love tie with black magic is very common in Latin American countries where witches are accompanied by a cigar and the human skull to which they implore to fulfill their request and to dominate the person who is being bewitched.

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