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The first people in the world, who made a mooring!

The first findings of moorings are found in ancient Mesopotamia, where tablets describing love rituals have been found in the archaic dynastic period, as early as the 3rd millennium BC. C., although rituals of this type have been found in the shamanic traditions of hunter-gatherer cultures of sub-Saharan Africa and the Amazon, which suggests their existence since before writing emerged.

With the appearance of the great Abrahamic religions, a large part of the records detailing these spells were destroyed as they were considered to be related to evil. This has led to only a few copies being preserved today, especially in those places whose ancient languages ​​remained undeciphered until modern times, such as Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

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¿Como se originaron los primeros Amarres?

Los primeros hallazgos de amarres se encuentran en la antigua Mesopotamia, donde se han encontrado tablillas describiendo rituales de amor en el período dinástico arcaico, ya en el III milenio a. C., si bien se han encentrado rituales de este tipo en las tradiciones chamánicas de culturas de cazadores-recolectares del África subsahariana y el Amazonia, lo que sugiere su existencia desde antes de que surgiese la escritura.

Con la aparición de las grandes religiones abrahámicas gran parte de los registros que detallaban estos conjuros fueron destruidos al ser considerados relacionados con el mal. Esto ha llevado a que sólo unos pocos ejemplares se conserven hoy en día, especialmente en aquellos lugares cuyos antiguos lenguajes permanecieron sin ser descifrados hasta tiempos modernos, como Mesopotamia y el antiguo Egipto.

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What is a Mooring of Love?

A love tie is a type of spell that, according to some magical and folkloric traditions, is capable of generating in the person receiving the ritual, feelings of love towards the person who performs it. Love spells are traditional in many Latin American and Caribbean cultures, where they are mixed with elements of voodoo and other local magical traditions. The existence of the effects of love spells as well as other forms of magic are discussed by modern science since they are not observed using the scientific method.

Since ancient times, witchcraft, spells, are a well-known practice for many purposes, such as recovering the couple who left home, recovering a relationship due to separation, either distance or by third parties, parents, enemies, envious, ex-partners, lovers, etc.

The moorings of love are divided into many classes and also in many forms of use, either to keep away those people who do not allow progress to a love relationship, to get ene…

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